Kispang Fikuri Hill


Nepal is a multi-ethnical, multi-cultural, multi-religious and multi-lingual country. Nepal is also known as a suitable place to promote tourism. There are many tourism sectors in Nepal. Among them, fikuri hill is also one of the tourism sectors.

Fiikuri Mahadev temple is on the hill. On the day of Haribodani Ekadashi, thousand of pilgrims visit this temple. It’s believed that the lord phikuri Mahadev fulfil all the wishes of worshippers. The traveller can study the lifestyle of the tamang, Gurung and brahmins community. The other attraction of this hill are jyaguda lake, kispang lake , kispang monastery, Nepal’s first sheep farm in dumbang, naughaderi e.t.c

Fikuri hill is the closest trekking trail from Kathmandu. The journey is the fusion of history, culture and nature. A two-day walk is enough to reach the hill.

During spring seasons, the rhododendron flowers blossom but in winter the snow covers them. This is the best nearby destination for those in Kathmandu who dreams to enjoy in the snow.
Sabina Bhatta

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